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Hey there! I’m Christabel, a digital marketing and brand strategist located in South Florida. I am so happy that you are here, and I can tag along and hopefully help with your digital journey. I love all things marketing, but I have decided to curate valuable content that you will find useful and placed it in its own little home for you to visit whenever you like. This little home named ”blog” is on the top right corner at your disposal. 

You may think that my days are filled with research, analytics, and coming up with strategies for people like you or businesses like yours. But like anybody else, I need a creative outlet to relieve some stress. I found the perfect combination, things that I enjoy creating content for my social media accounts. That was not enough for me, so I decided that I needed to do more, something that other creatives could learn from, and that’s how we ended up here “Christerbelll.”

Ok, enough of that! Let’s get a little personal. I was born and raised in Zambia, Africa. In my senior year of high school, I got that call, and I moved to the United States. I didn’t have the opportunity to say goodbye to my closest friends and family. Mother makes the decisions, so here I was in Florida, and I have never left, well except to visit home when I can.

How did I end up in Marketing? I went through undergrad, thinking that I would end up owning a law firm. I love the profession, but it was never meant to be. My creative side wanted something different analytical but fun, something that I can somehow have control over. It’s the Aries in me!. 

My story is never-ending, so I won’t bore you with more details; please feel free to follow me on social media to learn more.


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“Always provide Value. Value builds trust. once you have that trust, you have the ability to do some selling.”  -Hubspot.

I feel confident with her strategic planning and business acumen as I develop this essential leg of Cue Network Company.
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“Business Has Only Two Basic Functions- Marketing and Innovation.”

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