Social Media FAQs:

Answers to all your questions

1What Kind of content should I post?

What to post depends largely on your industry and the interests of your audience. As a newbie, you won't have all the data you need. Conduct research, post different kinds of content in your niche and monitor analytics to see how they perform.

2Which platform should I use to promote myself or my business?

Market research, if your audience is primarily baby boomers. Tik Tok wouldn't make sense. Conduct market research before you choose a platform. Check the average usage of your target audience "age group" on the platforms you would like to use. Platforms vary for each business or niche.

3Should I post the same content on all platforms?

Yes, but make sure the messaging is right on each platform. Before you repost your Instagram post to Linkedln, tweak it. Image sizes, captions, content length, among other things.

4How often should I post on social media?

It depends on several factors, including audience and niche. I recommend looking at your analytics, and that should tell you everything you need to know about your audience. Remember that your audience is unique. Platforms like YouTube don't require daily posting. TikTok and Instagram require regular posting, at least five times a week. Posting every day increases the chances of content reaching your audience. Posting valuable content will get you results quicker than posting daily when no one cares about the content.

5How can I get more followers?

Be patient. Don't buy followers. Unless you have a #1 song, you won't get a large following overnight. Remember to provide value; this is the key to organic growth. Quality content will get you there quicker than quantity without adding value to the audience. Create a social media plan and conduct market research on your target audience. Check the blog section on how to create a social media plan.

6Should I hire someone to handle my social media?

It depends on you and your budget. Social media is time-consuming; if you want to see results, You should dedicate time and resources.

7Can I use the same strategy from one platform to another?

The answer is no. Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and YouTube are not the same. Your marketer should make different strategies for each platform.

8What social media mistakes should I avoid?

Don't focus on vanity metrics or ignore your followers. Many followers or likes do not always translate to sales. Micro-influencers are getting brand deals because their engagement is impressive. Also, always reply to the comments; spend at least 20 minutes responding to your new post comments. Address negative comments and try to fix the problem immediately.

Brand FAQs:

Answers to all your questions

1Why do I need to develop a brand?

To generate awareness for yourself or your business. A brand is who you are, who you want to be, and what you want to be known for. Whether you know this or not, you are a brand. Everyone is a brand. At work, you represent your Company. When you are at a bar or restaurant, you represent yourself and your brand unless you are wearing your work shirt. Your brand will help you connect with customers. Think about celebrities and how their names and personalities drive revenue. Their followers don't necessarily care if the products are good or bad or if the stars use them.

2Should I create a personal or business brand?

It depends. Personal brands have become the driving force of a business. Rihanna is Fenty; Steve Jobs is Apple, and we hear more about Elon Musk than his businesses. Your brand can ruin your business and vise versa. Your followers/customers can't separate the two. You don't always need or have both, but a great personal brand can drive revenue and grow faster and more significantly than your business brand.

3Should I create my brand or hire a professional?

DIYing a brand is probably the most challenging thing one can do. If you can hire a professional, I encourage you to do that. Building a widely recognizable brand will likely take years. Your brand lives with you forever; it should be carefully crafted, fit and grow with you and your audience.

4Should I trademark my brand name?

Yes. Just a few years ago, Beyonce won a case against someone using her daughter's name. It will help you in the future, do what you can to avoid future legal disputes. Hire a good lawyer as soon as you can afford one.

5Can my brand ever work against me?

Yes. When Donald Trump announced he was running for president, many people could not imagine him as president. Mainly because of what people knew of his past, pre-presidential run. Famous people and pre-fame Twitter don't go together either.