About Me

about me



  1. I am a proud Aries.
  2. My biggest pet peeve are people who can’t handle the truth.
  3. Give me 5 minutes, i will give you the best advice you will ever need.
  4. Instagram is my favorite social platform.
  5. I talk fast; this explains why I won a reading contest.
  6. My phone is always next to me.
  7. I love music and T.V series.
  8.  I wanted to be a cop, an FBI agent, a forensic psychologist and a lawyer. I wanted them all.
  9. I get easily bored which explains the above and my love for marketing.
  10. I love research, i can’t stop when i start. I need to know everything.
  11. I am naturally curious  and ask people too many questions.
  12. Beyonce is always my first choice in music.
  13. I speak one of the 70+ languages in my country, understand two and i can kind of write in the one i speak.
  14. I cannot speak my mother’s languages and neither can she.
  15. I belong to my father’s tribe and the bemba kingdom.
  16. I loved history as a kid.
  17. I loved reading as a kid, i could read and do my homework in front of a t.v and any distractions

Content creator

It’s safe to say that my love for fashion and content curation led me to a marketing career. Follow my YouTube and subscribe to fashion content. Stay tuned for my second YouTube channel for all things marketing.



Fashion is my Passion